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  • Bitmap Graphics

    Images are displayed on a computer monitor as bitmaps. A bitmap is a grid of pixels. The pixels may be represented using different numbers of bits which correspond to the number of colours present in the available range.

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  • Information Coding Systems

    The problem of storing text in a digital form pre-dates the computer era. A variety of different digital coding schemes have been used from prehistoric times (ie: beacon fires) to relay predetermined messages. Other examples include Morse code and semaphore systems.

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  • Number Bases

    The number base of a number is the number of unique digits possible in that number. eg:

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  • Number Types

    Natural numbers

    Numbers that are used by people every day for counting and ordering: This is called decimal or base-10. With a single digit, the largest value that can be represented is 9. To create large numbers we add a new digit to to the left to give the numbers 10…99 and so on.

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  • Number Systems

    Binary examples The 2 stands for the number base. In this case binary.

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